Psychotic Normalcy

So it has been about 2 weeks since my last entry and I have been busy at work raising my dear Son and trying my best to care for my loving Partner. I probably would not be as stable as I am today without his help. Over the last month I have received my TANF benefits and Food Stamps, and managed to get a Breast Pump, a Diaper Pail, a refill box for the pail, enough Formula to last the month and plenty of diapers. I also bought a couple of bottles last month. This month I am looking for a Playard and it sounds like my mom’s partner is going to foot the bill for a decent Crib/Changer combo, and a few other things. 

As far as my disease? I make all of my necessary payments and purchases when my TANF drops on the first, so the impulse problem that is a big part of this disease is not able to kick my ass like it has before. I might be a vendor at a local festival this month, if I can make it happen like I need to. I just hope it all works out. 

I am miserable. I am happy. I am both. I am okay though and I will continue to be okayImage


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