Does Anybody See Her?

So, I haven’t been a Christian in a long, long time. It is a faith that I believe rather firmly is dying out. That being said, I do listen to a small selection of Christian music when I am down on myself. For some reason it gives me a sense of peace. Maybe it is how I personally connect with the Divine in myself, when it seems that connection has been irreparably severed. I am a very broken person. I am very distant from the bright eyed baby girl my grandfather used to take fishing. Today my grandparents told me that a photo I hand drew (from a photograph) of myself playing with Tonka Trucks, with my Grandpa, is now framed and is the centerpiece of their home in North Dakota. I don’t deserve this. I know that I am his favorite, he tells me so daily. I am so proud to be his little girl, because he was, for the majority of my life, my daddy. Image

I love you Papa. I know you raised a better woman than the broken one that is left after the wreckage so many have left her in.  I will try to make something of myself that will make you proud Papa…


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