The Trees are Full of Starlight

So, I spent the rest of yesterday evening with my partner and son, kind of just enjoying my life. Despite the serious Post-Partum Depression and the recurrent haunting from the demons of my past, I find myself in a place of bittersweet contentment. I may head into town on my own today – I may not. I am just kind of looking to see if there is anything there that I might actually want. More specifically – that is not in the Farmer’s Market. Saturday Market goods like lotions, jewelry, clothing and even henna tattoos are fun and all, but expensive. I have to budget better next month. I mean on the $400 I got this month I did pretty well.

3 packs of cigarettes

A Diaper Pail

A box of refills for said pail

A bottle warmer

A box of breast milk storage bags for once I get my milk flowing sufficiently

A Medela In-Style Electric Double Breast Pump

Plenty of little bits of personal spoiling

Ready-To-Eat Formula for the baby

Enough Diapers to last the rest of the month

and a beautiful purple rose for my partner

among a few minor things.

I have $36 in cash on my card and $30 on the table. And some in Food Stamps, So over all I have done well.

Yay me.




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